led display off

User Access Verification

Username: admin
Exec commands:
  <1-99>           Session number to resume
  access-enable    Create a temporary Access-List entry
  access-profile   Apply user-profile to interface
  access-template  Create a temporary Access-List entry
  archive          manage archive files
  cd               Change current directory
  clear            Reset functions
  clock            Manage the system clock
  configure        Enter configuration mode
  connect          Open a terminal connection
  copy             Copy from one file to another
  crypto           Encryption related commands.
  debug            Debugging functions (see also 'undebug')
  delete           Delete a file
  dir              List files on a filesystem
  disable          Turn off privileged commands
  disconnect       Disconnect an existing network connection
  do-exec          Mode-independent "do-exec" prefix support
  dot11            IEEE 802.11 commands
  dot1x            IEEE 802.1X Exec Commands
  eap              EAP Exec Commands
  enable           Turn on privileged commands
  erase            Erase a filesystem
  exit             Exit from the EXEC
  format           Format a filesystem
  fsck             Fsck a filesystem
  help             Description of the interactive help system
  if-mgr           IF-MGR operations
  ip               Exec commands for IP features
  led              LED functions
  lock             Lock the terminal
  logging          Handles logging operations
  login            Log in as a particular user
  logout           Exit from the EXEC
  mkdir            Create new directory
  monitor          Monitoring different system events
  more             Display the contents of a file
  name-connection  Name an existing network connection
  no               Disable debugging functions
  ping             Send echo messages
  pwd              Display current working directory
  radius           radius exec commands
  release          Release a resource
  reload           Halt and perform a cold restart
  rename           Rename a file
  renew            Renew a resource
  resume           Resume an active network connection
  rmdir            Remove existing directory
  routing-context  Routing Context
  rsh              Execute a remote command
  save             Start to save raise_interrupt_level stack
  send             Send a message to other tty lines
  set              Set system parameter (not config)
  show             Show running system information
  ssh              Open a secure shell client connection
  systat           Display information about terminal lines
  telnet           Open a telnet connection
  terminal         Set terminal line parameters
  test             Test subsystems, memory, and interfaces
  traceroute       Trace route to destination
  tunnel           Open a tunnel connection
  undebug          Disable debugging functions (see also 'debug')
  verify           Verify a file
  where            List active connections
  write            Write running configuration to memory, network, or terminal
  xconnect         Xconnect EXEC commands

Configuring from terminal, memory, or network [terminal]?
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

% Incomplete command.

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

ap(config)#led display
% Incomplete command.

ap(config)#led display?

ap(config)#led display ?
  dim  Turn LED display dim.
  off  Turn LED display off.

ap(config)#led display off